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Twister Cotton Hooked Rug
Cotton Hand Hooked Rug
Floral Rugs Collection


Hand Hooked Rug Collections Page 1   2   4   5   6   7 


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Recommended Care: Vacuum regularly with vacuum upholstery attachment.
(Do not use rotary vacuum with beater bar).

If long ends appear, do not pull them. This is not a defect.
It is a condition called "sprouting" and is common with hand-hooked rugs.
Use scissors to carefully cut the sprouted ends even with the rug.
Use a rug pad under area rugs to protect flooring and extend the life of the rug.
Professional rug cleaning only. (Do not dry clean.)


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(Details such as: manufacturer, style, color, rug number, size, and price)

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Hand Hooked Rugs


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Cotton Kids Rugs
Wool Kids Rugs

Blue Lighthouse Rug

Hooked Rugs

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Hand Hooked
Area Rug
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Hand Hooked
Area Rug




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